Snow Farm is a diverse family enterprise that offers fresh food, nursery plants and cut flowers as well as landscaping and forestry services.  

Lindsey Smith and Sue Tarasuk

Visit Snow Farm to find the freshest vegetables, graceful flowers, and a selection of hardy seedlings, perennials, shrubs and trees. For the freshest produce all season long, join our vegetable CSA!

Want to refresh your gardens? Our team will work with you to design, implement and care for your landscape using eco-friendly practices, organic materials, and locally-grown plantings.

Our licensed forester can work with you to develop a management plan that will maximize the value and enjoyment of your woodlot.

Contact us. We offer: 

  • Free Consultation
  • One year plant replacement guarantee
  • References upon request

“Working with Susan and her team has always been a pleasure. My gardens are always in bloom, from bulbs in early spring to late fall perennials. They are cared for with her expert hands.”
— Amy Arlein